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Casefinding Audits – A Sneak Peek at My NCRA Presentation

Casefinding Audits – A Sneak Peek at My NCRA Presentation

Thu, Apr 6, 2017  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted by Laura Vondenhuevel

Casefinding is the foundation of the cancer registry. Think about it, without casefinding you wouldn’t have cases to abstract. You’d also be missing out on a gateway to finding additional treatment, primaries or follow-up information on patients who already exist in your cancer registry. And casefinding effects your staffing plan as it impacts the amount of man hours your registry plans to use.

With all this in mind, have you done an audit lately to assess how complete your hospital’s casefinding processes are? Or tried looking for some resources for hospital cancer registries to conduct casefinding audits? I have. And I couldn’t find a lot of specific or meaningful examples of why they are important or how to conduct them.

Casefinding Presentation at NCRA

Inspired by my own struggles, and assuming others may be facing similar challenges, I partnered with Amanda Harvey-McKee to present our tools and tips to cancer registrar colleagues at the NCRA 43rd Annual Education Conference this year. Our presentation objectives are:

  • Illustrate how a patient moves in the healthcare system to appear on a casefinding source document (pathology reports / disease index or ICD)
  • Summarize different methodologies that can be used to conduct casefinding audits.
  • Describe how tracking casefinding sources are important to cancer registry operations.
  • Analyze ways to streamline the casefinding process at your client facility.

But that’s all you get for now. I hope I’ve whet your appetite for more! While you are at NCRA this week, check out our casefinding presentation at 8:30am on Saturday, April 8 in the Maryland Ballroom at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in the Washington, DC area. 

For even more in depth coverage on how to track and manage your casefinding workload, check out “An Easier Way to Manage Casefinding,” which Amanda and I authored with a few other colleagues here at CHAMPS Oncology for the Journal of Registry Management’s spring 2017 publication. 

Planning to attend our presentation at NCRA tomorrow? Leave a question or comment below!

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