Jan 13, 2020

The Center for Health Affairs Establishes Strategic Partnership with Proton Therapy Partners

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On Monday, Dec. 9, The Center for Health Affairs announced a strategic partnership between Proton Therapy Partners (PTP) and The Center’s business affiliate CHAMPS Oncology.

Proton Therapy Partners and CHAMPS Oncology are collaborating to create customized cancer data reports through CHAMPS’ insight2oncology® system. The reports will be used to inform PTP’s health system clients, helping them identify locations for opening proton centers that can conveniently serve the largest population of cancer patients located within a specific geographic area.

“The partnership between The Center and Proton Therapy Partners is a perfect example of what we’ve found to be our greatest strength,” said The Center’s Senior Vice President of Business Operations Yolandi Myers. “We specialize in identifying the needs of niche industries and developing solutions that increase their operational efficiency. PTP and CHAMPS Oncology, led by cancer registry expert Karen Schmidt, saw an opportunity to elevate our organizations by partnering and together we will bring a new level of understanding to cancer care.”

“The partnership with CHAMPS Oncology will enhance our decision support analytics for both Proton Therapy Partners and our clinical partners,” said Proton Therapy Partner’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Downey.  “The data utilized through this partnership will provide valuable information to determine the viability of building and operating proton therapy centers in specific sites throughout the United States,” added Downey.


According to cancer.net, proton therapy, also called proton beam therapy, is a type of radiation therapy. It uses protons rather than x-rays to treat cancer. Compared with x-ray radiation therapy, proton therapy has several benefits:

  • Usually, up to 60% less radiation can be delivered to the healthy tissues around the tumor. This lowers the risk of radiation damage to these tissues
  • It may allow for a higher radiation dose to the tumor. This increases the chances that all of the tumor cells targeted by the proton therapy will be destroyed.
  • It may cause fewer and less severe side effects such as low blood counts, fatigue, and nausea during and after treatment.

“The benefits of proton therapy over traditional cancer treatment methods are truly exciting,” said The Center’s President and CEO Brian Lane. “With less than 30 proton therapy centers across the United States, The Center and CHAMPS are eager to be part of PTP’s work to increase that number as quickly as possible and offer a new opportunity for hope to patient’s battling this devastating disease, no matter their geographic location.”


The largest barrier preventing health systems from offering proton therapy is the cost and complexity involved when building a proton therapy facility. Proton Therapy Partners (PTP) fuses innovative medical technology, industry expertise/experience and an efficient financial model to create a network of proton therapy centers with the ability to reach tens of thousands of patients. Proton Therapy Partners’ objective is to broaden access to and reduce costs of proton therapy and obtain their mission of improving outcomes, changing lives.℠


With a rich history as the Northeast Ohio hospital association, dating back to 1916, The Center for Health Affairs serves as the collective voice of hospitals and the source for Northeast Ohio hospital and healthcare information. As one of The Center’s business affiliates, CHAMPS Oncology enhances cancer registry programs for the nation’s top hospitals and healthcare systems. Unlike traditional staffing companies, CHAMPS Oncology’s team of highly skilled certified tumor registrars and cancer registry professionals have been providing customized strategies and solutions for cancer registry outsourcing, supplemental abstracting and cancer program consulting for more than 40 years.

MORE: To learn more about The Center for Health Affairs’ strategic partnership with Proton Therapy Partners, contact us.

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