Over 40 years of cancer registry leadership makes CHAMPS Oncology the perfect partners in healing.

Theresa Gerboc

Theresa Gerboc, CTR

Quality Data Manager

Theresa Gerboc, CTR, is the quality data manager for CHAMPS Oncology. In this role, she is responsible for reviewing registry data for quality assurance. She ensures client data is timely, accurate, complete and compliant with the most recent cancer coding guidelines.

With more than 30 years of experience in the cancer registry industry, Gerboc brings unique expertise to CHAMPS. She has previously worked as a follow-up specialist, abstractor, mentor, manager and as a software representative.

She is a member of the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) and the Pennsylvania Cancer Registrars Association (PACR). She has presented at state, regional and national meetings on defensive cancer registry abstracting. Gerboc also spoke at PACR's 2016 Annual Meeting on this topic. PACR, which Gerboc has been an active member for 30 years, believes defensive abstracting is an important subject to revisit due to the number of new registrars joining the cancer registry profession. Her article titled “Defensive Abstracting Makes Sense” was published in the Advance for Health Information Specialists magazine. 

In August of 2018, she gave an educational presentation to the North East Cancer Registrars Association (NECRA) on defensive staging and utilization of 2018 resources within the cancer registry.

Gerboc’s speaking topics include:

  • Cancer Registry Abstracting
  • Cancer Registry Data Reports


For more information or to contact Theresa Gerboc, CTR, please call 216.255.3769 or contact us.