Over 40 years of cancer registry leadership makes CHAMPS Oncology the perfect partners in healing.

Gale Zimmer

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Articles by Gale Zimmer

Why We Do What We Do Why We Do What We Do Posted by Gale Zimmer  |  Jun 29, 2016

Have you ever given time and thought to why we do what we do?

What is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do...

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5 Benefits of CHAMPS' New CLM System Posted by Gale Zimmer  |  Feb 25, 2016

If you follow CHAMPS' news, you know that CHAMPS Oncology partnered with Novatus earlier this month to implement a contract lifecycle management system (CLM system).

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Transforming Big Data Transforming Big Data into Big Value Posted by Gale Zimmer  |  Oct 15, 2015

Next Wednesday, my colleagues and I will be presenting at the ProjectWorld and World Congress for Business Analysts Conference.

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registry staffing v2 CHAMPS Oncology – More Than Registry Staffing Posted by Gale Zimmer  |  Jun 15, 2015

As a new member of the CHAMPS Oncology team, I am often asked about my new organization and what makes us different.

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