Over 40 years of cancer registry leadership makes CHAMPS Oncology the perfect partners in healing.

Dawn Grabowski

Dawn A. Grabowski, BBA, CTR

Regional Manager

Dawn Grabowski, BBA, CTR, is a regional manager for CHAMPS Oncology. With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and more than ten in the cancer registry profession, Grabowski excels in leadership roles, coordinating staff and processes to complete goals. She firmly believes cancer registrars are an extremely valuable asset to the facilities they serve, offering the knowledge and skills needed to enhance cancer programs when properly utilized.

Dawn Grabowski graduated from Wesley College in Delaware with a degree in Business Administration. She has been a member of the CHAMPS team for seven years and worked in hospital settings prior to that, spending most of her time in emergency departments providing services to staff members and patients to improve quality of life. 

She has experience: 

  • Assisting cancer program leadership teams to achieve and maintain compliance with CoC standards 
  • Partnering with cancer programs to improve business operations
  • Managing cancer registry workflow and operations 

She is currently a member of:

Grabowski's speaking tops include:

  • Cancer Registry Management
  • Cancer Registry Operations

For more information or to contact Dawn A. Grabowski, BBA, CTR, please call 216.255.3771 or contact us.