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Cassie Blog Meet December's Registry Rock Star: Cassie Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Dec 16, 2020

As we close the books on 2020, CHAMPS Oncology is happy to announce its final Registry Rock Star of the year, Cassie, CTR! Cassie has...

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covid episode COVID-19 and Cancer: Recommendations for Patients Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Dec 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all facets of cancer care, including screening exam reductions and delaying diagnoses and treatment.

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Follow up Blog Strategies for Keeping Follow-Up Rates Compliant Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Dec 2, 2020

By Jill Brown and Jennifer Pols, Cancer Registry Support Specialists

Follow-ups are an essential part of every certified tumor registrar’s (CTR) job.

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Sarah Blog Meet November's Registry Rock Star: Sarah Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Nov 25, 2020

CHAMPS Oncology is pleased to announce its Registry Rock Star nominee for the month of November, Sarah, CTR! Sarah has worked in the cancer registry...

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covid episode A CTR’s Perspective on CHAMPS Oncology’s “COVID-19’s Impact on Cancer Data” Talk Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Nov 20, 2020

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching CHAMPS Oncology’s BrightTALK presentation, “COVID-19’s Impact on Cancer Data.

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Star Blog Support Superstar Spotlight: Jennifer Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Oct 21, 2020

Did You Know? The 2021 ICD-O-3 update will include new terminology and reportability changes effective for cases diagnosed Jan. 1, 2021, and beyond.

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Starla Blog Meet October's Registry Rock Star: Starla Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Oct 14, 2020

CHAMPS Oncology’s Registry Rock Star for the month of October is Starla Goodman, CTR! Starla has been working in the cancer registry for 22 years...

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Felicia Blog Support Superstar Spotlight: Felicia Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Sep 23, 2020

It’s time for our next installment of Support Super Star Spotlight! In this series, CHAMPS Oncology highlights our registry support specialists in recognition of their...

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Heather Blog Meet September's Registry Rock Star: Heather Posted by CHAMPS Oncology  |  Sep 23, 2020

Cancer Registry Fact: According to the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control, there were 1,701,315 new cancer cases reported in 2017.

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