40+ Years of Cancer Registry Leadership

Better Data Saves Lives™


Our Mission

At CHAMPS Oncology, our cancer registry experts aim to provide cancer programs and healthcare providers across the country with better data to save lives™. We believe, our comprehensive registry outsourcing solution gives you every advantage possible to save more lives.

Our Vision

To build upon our mission, CHAMPS' cancer registry experts have set an organizational vision of advancing cancer care through expert insight, data and reporting to provide a complete picture of your cancer service right at your fingertips.


630+ Years of CTR Experience | 30+ New CoC Accreditations | 100% of Cases Reviewed for Accuracy

CHAMPS Oncology provides clients across the country with cancer registry experts who take a multidisciplinary team approach centered on quality, analytics, compliance, efficiency and education for more than 40 years.

Karen Schmidt

Karen Schmidt, CTR

Vice President

17+ Years of Cancer Registry Experience

ASK ME ABOUTMaximizing Registry Data for Administrative Planning, Migration Analysis & Financial Impact, Streamlining Registry Processes, Cancer Program Standards

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Ilona Gyerman

Ilona Gyerman, RHIT, CTR

Director of Data Quality

20+ Years of Cancer Registry Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | CoC Accreditation, Survey Process, Data Quality, Cancer Registry Operations

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Vontyna Smith

Vontyna Smith, MPA

Director of Client Operations

15+ Years of Healthcare Experience

ASK ME ABOUTCancer Registry Operations, Clinical Research, CoC Accreditation

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Joseph Castellano v3

Joseph Castellano

Director of Client Relationships

10+ Years of Client Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | insight2oncology, Cancer Data & Analytics, Cancer Registry Operations, Strategic Planning, Client Relations, Contract Negotiations

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Theresa Gerboc

Theresa Gerboc, CTR

Quality Data Manager

30+ Years of Cancer Registry Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | Cancer Registry Abstracting, Cancer Registry Reports, Data Quality, Cancer Coding Guidelines

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Dawn Grabowski

Dawn A. Grabowski, BBA, CTR

Regional Manager

25+ Years of Healthcare Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | Cancer Registry Management, Cancer Registry Operations, CoC Standards

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Amanda Harvey McKee

Amanda Harvey-McKee, BA, CTR

Regional Manager

16+ Years of Healthcare Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | Cancer Registry Management, Casefinding, Cancer Committee, Data Completion, Customer Service, Client Implementation

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Heather Fisher

Heather Fisher, BA, CTR

Client Services Manager

14+ Years of Cancer Registry Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | Concurrent Abstracting, CoC Standards, NAPBC Standards, Data Utilization, Cancer Registry Operations, Cancer Data

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Brandy Lewis

Brandy Lewis, CTR

Client Services Manager

12+ Years of Cancer Registry Experience

ASK ME ABOUT | Cancer Data, Database Conversions, Cancer Registry Operations, CoC Accreditation, Cancer Program Activities

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Kelly Imbody, CTR


Shaun Lusker, CTR

Cancer Information Specialist

Caitlin Gallegos, CTR

Cancer Information Specialist

Jill Brown

Cancer Registry Support Specialist


You do this to save lives. Every day. Giving patients their lives back and families new hope. Your cancer program is all about balancing the human touch and expertise with the latest technologies and treatments. Better cancer patient data and better cancer program operations help you help them more effectively. Our customized registry outsourcing solution gives you every advantage possible to save lives. Every aspect of our solution is designed to improve efficiencies, guarantee quality data and give you the tools to navigate the complexity of your cancer program. 


Read what clients have to say about working with CHAMPS Oncology...

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"Since CHAMPS Oncology completely assumed our cancer registry functions, we’ve experienced enhanced casefinding, abstracting, follow-up, data quality, custom reporting and analytics, as well as human resource oversight,...

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"I felt extremely confident in CHAMPS Oncology’s approach to standardizing our system, from the data collection process, to monitoring the data quality and analyzing the...

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"CHAMPS Oncology is going to be our long-term partner.

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"I would recommend CHAMPS to other cancer programs because of their confidence, reliability, quality, accessibility and CoC consultation.

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"CHAMPS Oncology has proven its comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the CoC standards through onsite consultation, mock surveys, education around the use of the registry...

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"The integrity and quality of our cancer data has improved by CHAMPS Oncology’s registrar abstracting using new fields/data elements as new standards are created.

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CHAMPS Oncology is pleased to highlight awards and recognition received over the years. We are honored to have been selected. CHAMPS Oncology's awards and recognition are generally based upon feedback from employees.