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cancer registry on the TODAY Show Cancer Registry on the TODAY Show Jun 1, 2014

It isn’t often the cancer registry makes national headlines, and (as much as I love and respect the profession) I can honestly say I never...

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ICD 10 ICD-10: What’s the Impact of Delayed Implementation? May 1, 2014

Many in the healthcare industry were significantly impacted by last month’s enactment of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act.

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Military and the Cancer Registry Where the Military and the Cancer Registry Meet May 1, 2014

On Monday, we remembered the brave men and women who’ve fought for our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom.

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NCRA Education Conference Highlights from the NCRA Education Conference May 1, 2014

I am back from Nashville, and I must say this year’s NCRA Education Conference was extremely worthwhile! It was a pleasure to see some familiar faces,...

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QOPI Certification “Q” is for Quality (and QOPI Certification) May 1, 2014

The quality of care a cancer patient receives is crucial to their survival.  

Administrators and clinicians understand this.

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Role of the Cancer Registrar The Changing Role of the Cancer Registrar May 1, 2014

This week marks the NCRA 40th Annual Education Conference, being held in Nashville.

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ACCC blog post ACCC Meeting Proves There is Strength in Numbers Apr 1, 2014

When striving for high-quality, patient-centered care in a transforming healthcare environment, it is beneficial to be immersed with others who share the same common goals.

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Cancer Registrars Week Celebrating National Cancer Registrars Week Apr 1, 2014

I, like many of you, have known someone who has been affected by cancer in a way that made me first pursue a career in...

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CHAMPS Oncology Outlook Welcome to CHAMPS Oncology Outlook Apr 1, 2014

Cancer. This word tugs at the heartstrings of the countless individuals that have been affected in some way by this disease.

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