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World Cancer Day: A Day for Action
world cancer day

Feb. 4 is World Cancer Day, an undertaking that aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness, providing cancer education and inspiring necessary action. Many of you have been watching my journey with cancer through my CHAMPS Oncology blogs, videos and articles for over two years now. I want to personally thank you for your support along the way. I am blessed to be two years cancer-free and look forward to hitting the next milestone, one that is so celebrated in the survivor community, the five-year mark.

On this World Cancer Day, please take this opportunity to reach out and give support to a survivor or remember someone you have lost to this awful disease. Take the time to think about yourself as well – schedule your necessary cancer screenings, especially if you meet any at-risk criteria. COVID-19 is the focus in the world at this time, but we can’t forget that over a million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Fortunately, with all of the research, innovations and treatments available to patients, many of those inflicted by cancer become long-term survivors like myself. 

Please visit this website and watch this fantastic video featuring cancer patients battling the disease. They are all heroes. When visiting the site, you may notice a 21-day challenge featured throughout. I hope you will join me in this 21-day effort to achieve a healthier and brighter future for all. There are five different types of challenges, so I’m sure each of you will find some way to support this incredibly important cause.

Here’s to an impactful and successful World Cancer Day, one that inspires positive change and education!

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