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Workspace Tips for the Remote CTR
Remote CTR

By Kelly Imbody, CTR, Cancer Information Specialist, CHAMPS Oncology

Some say sitting is the new smoking. And whether you work as an on-site CTR at a hospital or a remote CTR at home, the majority of your work is probably done sitting at a desk for at least eight hours a day. 

Those of you in a hospital setting might find it a bit more necessary to get up and walk to the printer or physically go to a meeting, but if you’re a remote CTR working from home, you don’t have those built-in stretches sprinkled throughout your day. Instead, it takes mindful and deliberate effort to get up and stretch. Whatever it takes, we all need to be aware of how much our workspace design and habits affect our health. 

Whether it’s lower back pain, wrist pain, a really tight neck or lack of mobility…when we spend all day at a desk, our bodies pay a price. Here are a few workstation tips I’ve collected during my years as a remote CTR that will help you take it easier on your body:

  • For laptop users, utilize a separate keyboard and mouse to alleviate cramping and prevent you from hunching over.
  • Consider an adjustable workstation if it’s in your budget.
  • Stand and stretch during phone calls, meetings and webinars.
  • Do an extra lap around the kitchen island when you refill your water bottle.
  • Aim to maintain a straight wrist position while you work. To do this, if you sit in a forward or upright position, tilt your keyboard away from you at a negative angle. If you are reclined, a slight positive tilt will help.
  • Position the top of your monitor approximately 2-3 inches above your seated eye level. If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor to a comfortable reading level.

And the list could go on and on! With so many remote CTRs working across the country, at CHAMPS Oncology we’ve even developed a Pinterest board for our team that is devoted to tips like these and other resources for working from home. I encourage you to check it out!

What advice do you have for a remote CTR or anyone working at a desk all day?

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