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Developing Healthy Remote Working Habits Amid Coronavirus
working from home during coronavirus

By Karen Mordarski, RHIT, CTR, Cancer Information Specialist

As we all adjust to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many Americans need to find a “new normal” with both their work and personal daily routines. This uncertainty plays in everyone’s minds, but all across the nation Americans are finding ways to maintain their positive attitude through small acts of kindness to keep connected to friends, family and coworkers. When it comes to work, many are adjusting to remote working, some for the first time in their careers. Developing healthy remote working habits amid the coronavirus outbreak is important.

At CHAMPS Oncology, working remotely is not a new or daunting work concept, because we have been doing this for some time! We are the true work-from-home trailblazers and now we can provide the knowledge to others who are struggling with working remotely and that interconnectedness can still be accomplished. Work efficiency is stronger than ever and belonging to a team is seamless when remote working! Networking is more important than ever to maintain social interactions and yet keep current social distancing. I find the best way to keep upbeat is to call (i.e., Phone or Skype). My teammates and I just talk a few minutes about what’s going on in their lives! I listen to them and offer any support I can that will make them smile or laugh. Another neat tip is to have some music playing in your office or plug in your earbuds and listen to AccuRadio Online! Music is an effective way to quell signs of depression and anxiety.  I know many of us during this time need some distraction from the coronavirus crisis. Our clients know that working remotely doesn’t deter us from getting the job done because we are experts in using the WebEx platform. Our clients know that we provide them with a seamless and continuous cancer registry business from any remote or VPN platform!

Share your tips and experiences with us and continue to build a strong networking system to see us through these unprecedented times. 

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