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Tips from a Cancer Program Consultant – Selecting CoC Study Topics
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Last month, I blogged about developing goals for CoC compliance and shared how we at CHAMPS Oncology provide cancer program consulting as one of the main cancer registry services we offer. 

We know the struggles cancer programs face when it comes to CoC compliance and find we are always providing advice in three main areas

1. Developing goals.

2. Selecting CoC study topics.

3. Ensuring proper documentation of cancer committee activities.

Today, I’d like to focus on my list of tips for selecting CoC study topics. Stay tuned for one more blog post from me focused on ensuring proper documentation of cancer committee activities.

Tips for Selecting CoC Study Topics

  • Brainstorm Issues that Affect Patient Care
    Cancer committee members can assist in the selection of topics by brainstorming issues that affect patient care. Often times, nurses who work closely with patients encounter issues or see problems that get in the way of providing patient care. These issues should be brought to the attention of the quality improvement coordinator who can then assist in developing a study.
  • Base Studies on Problems or Issues
    Studies should always be based on an identified problem or issue and should be conducted to identify the root cause of the problem.
  • Relate Studies to Cancer Care
    As with goals for CoC compliance, hospital-wide or system-wide studies must relate to cancer care and must be specific to your individual cancer program.
  • Compare Data Results
    Remember to compare data results with national benchmarks or guidelines.

Don’t forget! In addition to my list of tips for selecting CoC study topics, the CAnswer Forum’s Standard Resource Library contains very helpful documents. A few resources I found particularly helpful include:

  • Tips for Understanding and Implementing Standard 1.5
  • Steps for Standard 4.7 Compliance
  • Tips for Cancer Committee Agenda and Minutes Template

How do you select CoC study topics?

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