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Tips for the Fall CTR Exam
Fall CTR Exam

Taking the CTR exam is overwhelming. And I’m speaking from recent experience, as I just passed mine in the spring! If you’re gearing up for the fall CTR exam, here are a few tips that helped me pass when I was in your shoes…

  • When you study anything - from a classroom assignment to the COC Standards - study it until you REALLY understand it. For example, one of my CTR mentors (shout out to Barbara Massie!) once asked me, “What DON’T you know?” Studying was my response. I thought about what subject I was weakest in and explored it until I had some “lightbulb moments.” Maybe I coded some cases in SEER Educate or read my manuals yet another time. Maybe I watched an AJCC video. Maybe I just tagged another abstractor and posed my question to them. The point is - study, study, study! You won’t regret it.

  • Since you have the opportunity to take the fall CTR exam with hard copies of the AJCC, MPH Rules, SEER Summary Stage and ICDO books, use them during exam preparation! From the beginning of my practicum I used the same manuals that I would eventually test with. That way I had plenty of time to tab them and make as many notes as I needed in the margins to clarify them. I also used them when I studied on SEER Educate. I was glued to that website for months. Because of the familiarity I developed with my reference books, I didn’t waste any time in the open book portion of my CTR exam.

  • Get your hands on a copy of the NCRA Cancer Registry Management textbook . I read this textbook over and over and made sure to complete the end-of-chapter questions included on the CD that came with it. I also found the NCRA CTR Prep Study Guide to be extremely helpful. Many of my CTR exam questions came directly from this resource.

  • Finally, purchase NAACCR’s CTR prep and review webinar series. I watched each installment several times, took notes, attempted the quizzes and frequented the discussion boards.

I can’t tell you how thankful I was for all of the hard work I had put in preparing for my CTR exam, when I learned that I passed on my first attempt! I’ve been blessed to have great mentors both at CHAMPS Oncology and school and I’d like to pay that forward to all CTR candidates in need of encouragement. You can do this!!

What are you doing to prepare for the fall CTR exam?

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