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Tip from a Cancer Program Consultant – Develop Goals for CoC Compliance
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At CHAMPS Oncology, one of the main cancer registry services we provide is cancer program consulting. Our team of consultants provide guidance and recommendations to assist hospital cancer programs with the interpretation and implementation of the Commission on Cancer's complex standards and guidelines.

Over the years, we have become very familiar with the struggles cancer programs face when it comes to CoC compliance. And it seems we are always providing advice in three main areas…

1. Developing goals.
2. Selecting study topics.
3. Ensuring proper documentation of cancer committee activities.

In today’s blog post, I thought I would focus on how to develop goals for CoC compliance. Stay tuned for future blog posts focused on the other top three areas of interest I identified. 

Developing Goals for CoC Compliance

  • Solicit ideas from cancer committee members and ask each member to provide one goal for discussion and consideration. This approach often sparks ideas among committee members and contributes to the selection and development of meaningful goals.
  • Avoid a restatement or enhancement of a standard.
  • Select goals by the first quarter meeting of the year.
  • Evaluate goals twice subsequently throughout the year.
  • Conduct an evaluation or study to assess a goal cannot be used for a 4.7. 
  • Ensure hospital-wide or system-wide goals are cancer-related and specific to the individual cancer program.

In addition to my list of tips for CoC compliance, the CAnswer Forum’s Standard Resource Library contains very helpful documents. A few resources I found particularly helpful are:

  • Tips for Understanding and Implementing Standard 1.5
  • Steps for Standard 4.7 Compliance
  • Tips for Cancer Committee Agenda and Minutes Template

How do you develop goals for CoC compliance?

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