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Thoughts from Our New OCRA President

Last month I was honored to speak at the 44th Ohio Cancer Registrars Association (OCRA) Annual Meeting. What was an even bigger honor, was to see four CHAMPS Oncology staff members installed as new OCRA officers. Among these new officers was Laura Vondenhuevel who became the new OCRA president. After being installed, she shared some very poignant thoughts with the group. 

Below is an excerpt from her speech:

Thank you for entrusting me to serve as your OCRA President. I do not take such a responsibility lightly. 

Stepping into a new era - what an appropriate theme for our conference this year. We are living in a time of changes. The whole world is awakening to the fact that we are a global society, a global community, and we are all interconnected. The sharing of information helps drive innovation all over our planet. New and innovative oncology treatments are going out for clinical trials to evaluate their effectiveness. Personalized medicine plans, based on individual tumor biomarkers, help providers choose more appropriate systemic treatments.There are changes in how payment for healthcare services are being handled, pay-for-performance and value-based purchasing are becoming the norm, including oncology services. These changes require high-quality data to evaluate and track the treatments given and the quality of care being delivered to oncology patients.

So, where does the Ohio Cancer Registrars Association fit into all of this?

To step into a new era as an association, we as a group of professionals in a specialized field, who share a common goal, need to take a little time to self-evaluate and revision ourselves. It's a process that any association should undertake every so often. I would like to take these next two years as your elected OCRA president - with help from the OCRA board and you, our members - to undertake a revisioning or strategic planning process.

I will end with a thought from Jane Goodall: “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

We can make a difference in our professional association. We can make a difference in the cancer registry profession. We can make a difference in the lives of the cancer patients our programs treat. We can make a difference.

I am so proud of Laura and all of our CHAMPS Oncology staff members serving on the OCRA board. What do you think of Laura’s plans for her time as OCRA president?

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