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Takeaways from a Talk by Joe Flower, Healthcare Futurist
Joe Flower

The annual meeting of ACCC members in Washington, DC, tends to have a focus on healthcare costs and government impact on the state of the nation’s healthcare initiatives. This year’s keynote speaker, Healthcare Futurist Joe Flower, presented an eye-opening assessment on and vision for community cancer centers, and their role for the future.

During the lecture, I kept thinking of the ways in which the cancer registry, and the tireless efforts of CTRs, can help advance the mission and vision of a hospital to enable better patient care.In the swirling world of new technology advances at every level, Joe Flower brought up several challenges during his talk that clearly aligned with the work we do here at CHAMPS Oncology…

Technology will never replace the need to keep a patient hooked into the healthcare system through a human element of service. People bridge the gap and are the most effective way to interact with patients. At CHAMPS, we greatly rely on this human element to understand the complexity of cancer data. 

Demands for transparency are increasing throughout the system – by both its users and customers. At the same time, electronic health record vendors see it as an advantage to keep information siloed. At CHAMPS, we try to utilize our CTRs to greater effect, serve as a connectivity piece and be as transparent as possible with our clients. 

ZIP codes have proven to be a far better barometer of people’s health than any other factor. If the goal of the hospital is to improve cancer care, it would behoove the facility to have a presence in the community, advocating for the benefits of care, early detection, etc. We know this at CHAMPS and are constantly assessing how we might use the information we have available to target the areas that need our help more.

Protecting client cancer data and ensuring the quality of our data is always a main focus for us at CHAMPS. We know our data set acts as a core element for so many other pieces of a cancer hospital. Allowing for safe and constantly improving data collection and storage through block chain, data collection as part of an AI smart system, and more personalized care developed out of big data, are all concepts we are staying educated on in order to be on the cutting edge in our industry.

The issues hospitals are facing today, regarding cost and ever-changing technology, are top-of-mind for us at CHAMPS as well. We are always trying to find ways to help advance these ideas through our work, be more proactive about data collection and provide more accurate, larger data sets to our clients.

I so enjoyed Joe Flower’s talk at ACCC and will be thinking about it for weeks to come. Were you in attendance as well? What was your key takeaway?

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