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Support Superstar Spotlight: Danielle
Danielle Blog

It’s time for 2021’s first installment of Support Super Star Spotlight! In this series, CHAMPS Oncology highlights our registry support specialists in recognition of their tireless efforts of ensuring better data saves lives. This installment features Danielle, CPC.

Next month marks two years since Danielle entered the cancer registry, beginning her career with CHAMPS Oncology at the same time. She became a registry support specialist because she was looking for a way to work with electronic medical records to make a difference in medical care, specifically with the way treatments are used for patient care.

“I’ve learned a lot in my time with CHAMPS so far,” Danielle said. “Jeanne and Connie, two of the CTRs on our team, have been so kind with teaching me new things all the time in this field.”

Danielle’s favorite part of her job is being part of a large, established and respected organization in the healthcare field. For her, being part of a team that is helping streamline cancer treatment and data collection is incredibly fulfilling.

“I do this work for those who will be given a new cancer diagnosis,” Danielle explained. “I want to make sure they can be given the most successful treatment protocols possible.”

Danielle is a resident of Columbia, Maryland, an area that lies between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. She lives with her husband, son and their family pets: A dog, cat, turtle and fish. This March, Danielle and her husband will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Outside of work, Danielle loves to read, watch sitcoms and documentaries, play board games and go on nature walks. Pre-pandemic, her favorite activity was going to concerts and seeing live music. The number one goal on Danielle’s bucket list is to go to all four Grand Slam tournaments for tennis – New York, Paris, Australia and London.

As part of the CHAMPS Oncology team, Jennifer believes and is committed to ensuring that better data saves lives™.

Each installment of CHAMP Oncology’s Support Superstar Spotlight features a registry support team member and recognizes their important work of ensuring better data saves lives. To learn more, follow #SupportSuperstar on social media. What’s your favorite part about working in the cancer registry?

Interested in joining our superstar team? Learn about CHAMPS' cancer registry careers.

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