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Working as a Remote Cancer Registrar: Choose the Right Organization
Remote Cancer Registrar

By Julie Bell, CTR, Quality Data Coordinator

Working as a remote cancer registrar every day has its benefits, for sure, but there can be a downside too.

When you work from home every day, there are no traffic jams or orange barrels. You do not have to worry about being late, unless you are a chronic over-sleeper or live in a mansion that has a very long walk from your bedroom to your office. There are no dress codes, you can listen to music (or not) and you are always home to let the dog out!

Nevertheless, there can also be some disadvantages to being at home alone all day. Some people feel isolated; they miss the office parties and the day-to-day comradery. During the winter, if you are in a location where it is gray most of the time, you can get cabin fever. With that being said, I wanted to share some advice for those looking to be a remote cancer registrar:

Choose a company that uses creativity to make everyone feel like part of the team.

  • At CHAMPS Oncology, everyone virtually attends staff meetings. This way, everyone gets to give input and hear feedback at the same time. We also utilize cameras, so you can place faces with names. CHAMPS also has programs and challenges that everyone can participate in, including an ugly holiday sweater competition!

Choose a company that supplies you with a laptop, phone and IT support

  • At CHAMPS Oncology we have a stellar IT department that provides excellent support. The IT staff has the ability to remote into our computers to evaluate and fix most problems. If you need a new computer, it is simple and fast to get a replacement. Coworkers are able to view and share each other’s computer screens as well. This is very helpful for learning new tasks. The phones that we use have excellent sound quality. All you have to do is dial four numbers and you are talking to your coworker across the country.

Choose a company with an active/supportive marketing department. 

  • At CHAMPS Oncology we have a wonderful group of professionals in our marketing department. One look at our website’s homepage and you know they have talent. Our marketing team will make your presentations look professional and help you communicate your ideas concisely. Would you like to write a blog like me? They will most certainly help with that too.

Choose a company with a quality and education department

  • At CHAMPS Oncology we are fortunate to have a department dedicated to education and abstracting quality. We have webinars and onsite education that makes it easy to get the required CEs for maintaining your CTR certification. We also have a program designed for new registrars. Whether you’re just out of school or have less than three years of abstracting experience, we have education to help you become successful in your career. Our quality department reviews abstracts to maintain quality for everyone.

Finally, if you choose to be a remote cancer registrar, you will need to pursue relationships in your company.

  • I find what helps keep me connected on a more personal level is to reach out to a coworker when I need help. I use this opportunity to learn something about them. Likewise, whenever someone else has a question I am always willing to help. The brief chitchat that occurs definitely makes me feel personally connected.

Working as a remote cancer registrar can be an excellent choice if you are a self-starter that does not mind some isolation, as long as you choose the right company and put effort into establishing/maintaining relationships virtually.

Interested in becoming a remote cancer registrar at CHAMPS Oncology? Visit our careers page!

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