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Reaching Your Concurrent Abstracting Goal
Concurrent Abstracting Goal

By Heather Fisher, BA, CTR, Client Services Manager, CHAMPS Oncology

At CHAMPS Oncology, our teamwork and communication is integral to reaching our concurrent abstracting goal. Concurrent abstracting allows us to provide our facilities with high-quality and up-to-date cancer data. At first, concurrent abstracting can seem challenging but once it has been achieved, it will be of ample value to your facility. I’ve included some guidelines below you can follow while moving part of your team ahead to abstract more current cases.

Since current cases will have less information available to abstract, you can…

  • Use the RQRS minimum required fields as a guide to initiate these cases.
  • Set the state report flag to “not ready to send”.
  • Use a user defined field to flag cases with additional treatment pending.

Once you are abstracting all of your cases concurrently, you can…

  • Pull a report each month by the user defined field and return these cases to the abstractor to review for additional treatment.
  • Return any additional treatment found during casefinding to the abstractor to update.
  • Run and clear the edits and change the state flag to “ready to submit” once you have updated the abstract with all pending treatment. 

Concurrent data is invaluable to hospital administrators and physicians who want to utilize cancer registry data to assess patient care and services in real time. Learn more about concurrent abstracting by reading our “Concurrent Abstracting in a Time of Change” blog post.

What tactics does your team use to reach their concurrent abstracting goal?

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