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Priorities for a Cancer Registry Software Conversion
Cancer Registry Software

By CHAMPS Oncology System Coordinator Meagan McKay

Recently, I was part of a team at CHAMPS Oncology who helped a client facility carry out a cancer registry software conversion so the entire system they are a part of can use one registry rather than each facility having their own. During this conversion, my colleagues and I developed a list of priorities to keep in mind if we were ever a part of a software conversion like this again.

Cancer Registry Software Conversion Priorities

  • Run a database assessment from old software prior to conversion.
  • Complete another database assessment in “test mode” after data is imported into the new cancer registry software.
  • Build a pathology interface and billing interface prior to conversion (for casefinding purposes).
  • Share group insight so each team member fully understands the process.
  • Establish written “ground rules” for what each facility will be responsible for and keep open lines of communication with each facility if you’re sharing a database.
  • Hold educational meeting(s) with technical support staff to answer questions, as well as provide clarity on different processes and implementations.

It’s important to understand that any cancer registry software conversion will have its ups and downs, but in our case, it was an excellent learning experience for our team. If your team has an open mind and is flexible with change, a software conversion can be a great learning opportunity.

Have you been through a cancer registry software conversion? What priorities would you add to our list?

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