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Non-Analytic Cases - What's Your Percentage?
Non Analytic Cases

Clients often ask us to advise them as to what percentage of their caseload should comprise non-analytic cases. There are many factors to consider when responding to this question because each state registry has specific reporting requirements for non-analytic cases. 

For example, if your facility’s state requires the reporting of patients who are seen only for consults or for staging workup after being diagnosed elsewhere, this can greatly contribute to your facility’s non-analytic caseload. Large academic centers often fall into this category since they receive many referrals for patients that are seen for consultation only. Academic centers may also see a significant number of non-analytic patients who present with a recurrence of cancer or disease progression since these centers offer clinical trials that may not be available elsewhere. It is not unlikely for these types of facilities to have a significantly larger percentage of non-analytic cases in comparison to analytic cases. In addition, your state may require the reporting of patients seen at your facility with a history of cancer. This can also contribute significantly to the number of non-analytic cases. 

Ask yourself the following questions when analyzing your percentage of non-analytic cases:

  • Does your facility collect pathology-only cases?
  • What about patients who are diagnosed and receive all of their first course treatment in a staff physician’s office? These factors can also significantly impact your non-analytic caseload.
  • Does your facility provide chemotherapy and radiation therapy services? These services also draw in patients with recurrences or progression of disease. You often have to look beyond pathology reports when casefinding to identify non-analytic cases.
  • How thorough is your casefinding process?

For our CHAMPS Oncology clients, we find that the overall percentage of non-analytic cases seen across all states is just under 8% but varies greatly from state to state. For states that only require reporting of patients seen for recurrence or progression of disease, the percentage is considerably lower in the 4-6% range while in other states, the percentages may be in the 12-21% range.

What is your facility’s experience with non-analytic cases? Leave a comment below.

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