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New Year, New Strategic Priorities for CHAMPS Oncology
Strategic Priorities for CHAMPS Oncology

Happy 2018, blog readers! We at CHAMPS Oncology are excited to kick off another year on our blog.

With the new year comes a new set of strategic priorities for CHAMPS Oncology. As you may have read at the end of last year, we gathered several of our team members from across the country here in Cleveland. With the majority of our team working off-site, it was great to have so many of us in one room to reconnect and really focus on our plan for the next three years.

Over the course of two days, we formalized eight 2017-2020 strategic priorities for CHAMPS Oncology that mirror the outline of The Center’s strategic direction with four key elements:


- Strengthen CHAMPS Oncology’s employee engagement.
- Establish clear expectations and accountability.


- Ensure CHAMPS Oncology is service oriented.
- Support industry changes by listening to the “voice of the customer.”


- Promote an entrepreneurial approach.
- Ensure internal service departments are positioned for exponential growth.


- Improve service levels for customers.
- Enhance data quality capabilities and educational offerings.

Of course, setting these strategic priorities for CHAMPS Oncology was just step one. Over the next three years we have our work cut out for us to carry out action plans and monitor critical success factors that tie into the organization’s strategic direction. We'll keep you updated here on the blog to let you know how things are progressing.

Have you set personal or professional strategic priorities for 2018? Leave a comment below to share what you’re focusing on in the new year.

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