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National Cancer Survivors Day: Celebrating Life Today and Everyday
2020 National Cancer Survivors Day

Today marks National Cancer Survivors Day, a day in which we get to celebrate each and every cancer survivor across the globe. Among the reasons to celebrate is the fact that each year the number of survivors increases due to advances in diagnosis and treatment. Today, the United States has almost 17 million cancer survivors, according to the National Cancer Institute. This number represents approximately five percent of the population, which means most of you know a cancer survivor. Ponder that for a moment and think of the experience they went through. They might be one month or 10 years away from their diagnosis and sit in the utmost silence about it. However, for them, it is something they never stop thinking about.

As a cancer survivor who recently passed the one-year, cancer-free milestone, I can tell you every day is a celebration! Cancer changes you. Even though my hair has grown back and I’m getting stronger every day, it’s always on my mind. I’m constantly thinking about my diagnosis, my next follow-up appointment, how my journey continues to affects those close to me and why I happened to be so lucky. I’ve been told this is my “new normal” and it will probably never change. I’m getting used to the new me and have so many people continuing to support me on this journey, too many to name, but thank you nonetheless! You’ve made this experience bearable!

I'm thankful for so much in my life. On top of it all is the opportunity to work in this profession with my dedicated coworkers, ensuring that we are collecting quality data for the next generation of cancer patients. It is my mission to make sure that goal is realized. On this day, I ask that you take a moment to honor the journey of cancer survivors. They are fighters and striving for their next milestone — which may be their next chemotherapy treatment, or their 10-year, cancer-free anniversary.

Keep fighting! Please share your cancer survivor story with us so we can celebrate with you.

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