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My Notes from the ACCC Annual Meeting

Like most years, a group from the CHAMPS Oncology team exhibited and attended the ACCC Annual Meeting earlier this month. This year was their 42nd Annual Meeting and the theme was Cancerscape: Policy, Value & Quality.

The ACCC Annual Meeting is always a great place to network and stay current on all of the hot topics in the oncology world. This year’s sessions did not disappoint – I was eagerly taking notes the entire time so that I could type up some highlights to share with all of you… 

ACCC Annual Meeting Highlights

ACCC Capitol Hill Day

  • A group of attendees participated in the ACCC Capitol Hill Day designed to inform policy makers on the ongoing issues facing oncology practices and programs.
  • ACCC members advocated for support of the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act (S 1566/HR 2739) and the Planning Actively for Cancer Treatment (PACT) Act (HR 2846).

Session on CoC Standard Changes

  • One of my favorite sessions highlighted the changes to the Commission on Cancer Standard changes for 2016. 
  • The CoC’s Nancy Miller discussed these changes in detail and reminded everyone to download the new manual. 
  • The biggest change for our cancer registry profession is Standard 5.2. Beginning in 2017, cancer programs will be required to submit data to Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS). In 2016, Nancy advised programs should be establishing the resources, time and staff to implement this program in 2017.
  • Read our blog post on cancer accreditation for more on these changes.

Nancy Miller’s Tidbits for Success

  • Has your program considered these tidbits for success that Nancy Miller shared at the ACCC Annual Meeting?
    • Identify a “Cancer Program Champion.”
    • Take great meeting minutes - if it's not documented, it didn’t happen.
    • Have everyone on the cancer committee read the CoC standards.

Were you at the ACCC Annual Meeting? Share your favorite notes from the educational sessions below.

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