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Meet March's Registry Rock Star: Tara
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A Cancer Information Specialist for CHAMPS Oncology, Tara has been passionate about research since a very young age when she wanted to study humpback whales. While she didn’t become a cetacean biologist, her desire to study and examine facts never died. Wanting to pursue a career in healthcare, Tara earned her nursing degree and RN license. Her goal was to become involved with oncology clinical trials research.

“When I was looking for a cancer research position, I found something called a ‘Tumor Registrar’ with the University of New Mexico Tumor Registry,” said Tara. “I was able to balance my nursing and tumor registry careers, but then my value of research took over and the Cancer Registry became my primary objective.”

As a single mother, Tara needed a flexible position that would allow her to stay within New Mexico and still be involved with oncology research. Tara earned her CTR and has worked in the cancer registry for 11 years. She joined CHAMPS Oncology three years ago. Her work-from-home position has given Tara the ability to balance both her work and home lives.

“First and foremost, I am a mother,” she said. “My two incredible boys are my dynamic duo and the light of my life.”

Tara also has “an amazing, special person” in her life that “encourages, loves and supports all of us every day.”

Just as CHAMPS believes better data saves lives, Tara works hard to ensure that data helps the individuals inflicted by cancer.

“I do this work for the people and their families who suffer through this life-altering disease,” Tara said. “All Certified Tumor Registrars strive to ensure that our data is a backbone in the oncology community. What we do matters tremendously and assists with improved treatment, quality of life, focused studies, and all-around better care for the cancer patient.”

In her free time, Tara and her family love traveling and exploring nature. As a family, they work hard to protect the planet. Because Hawaii is their “home away from home,” their motto is “Live Pono,” meaning that all life and the land are interconnected and deserve respect.

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