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Meet August’s Registry Rock Star: Kristi Dietz, CTR
Kristi Dietz

Cancer Registry Fact: Cancer registry data is a unique data source that contains over 300 cancer data elements for each patient.

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Kristi Dietz, CTR, cancer information specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

Kristi Dietz has been working in the cancer registry industry for three years. Her favorite part about being a registrar is having a career where she is contributing to society by collecting data that is helpful to cancer patients’ future treatments and possible cures. Kristi also enjoys working from home but her career would not be as great without her friends / teammates.

Fun Facts About Kristi Dietz

  • Kristi has four kids, three cats and one dog. She also just bought her first house!
  • If she won the lottery, she would:
    • Pay her kids’ (and future grandkids’) college tuition
    • Hire Cesar Millan to train her crazy, misbehaving Boxer
    • Travel and go on mission trips
    • Pay it forward to domestic violence victims
    • Spend the rest on experiences that fill her heart
  • She listens to many different genres of music. While she works, she listens to the ocean sounds or the Simple Three violin trio. While driving in the car, she jams to Beyoncé with a side of Fetty Wap.

Registry Rock Star features a different CHAMPS Oncology employee every month. To learn more follow #RegistryRockStar on social media.

What’s your favorite part about working in the cancer registry?

Interested in joining our team of Registry Rock Stars? Learn about CHAMPS' CTR jobs.

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