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Quality Captain Spotlight: Julie
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It’s time for our next installment of Quality Captain Spotlight! In this series, CHAMPS Oncology highlights members of our quality data team in recognition of their dedicated efforts performing quality control activities, assessments and reviews to ensure better data saves lives™. This installment features Julie Bell, CTR, quality data coordinator for CHAMPS Oncology.

Julie’s dedication to her line of work goes back decades – in fact, it even pre-dates the certified tumor registrar credential. The certification examination for tumor registry professionals wasn’t created until 1983, nearly a full year after she started. When the exam launched, Julie decided to take it to further establish herself as an expert in the field.

“When I started in the registry, CTR wasn’t a thing,” Julie said. “So when it was developed, I thought, ‘Why not get some credentials?’ The career path just kind of developed a life of its own and here I am today.”

As a whole, Julie finds the medical field fascinating, with there always being an opportunity to learn something new. Educating herself on new procedures and treatments is her favorite part of the job. That willingness to learn comes in handy when it comes time to teach new team members, too.

“I really enjoy helping new CTRs learn,” she said. “The questions that I get asked keep me fresh and always learning. In fact, I asked to be a part of the quality and education department at CHAMPS Oncology so I would have more time to learn and teach.”

In her free time, Julie loves learning about and preserving history. She collects numerous antiques, including 125-year-old clocks and furniture built prior to the start of the Civil War. She also loves reading, arts and crafts, and feeding birds from her bird feeder.

“I get all geeked out if an unusual bird comes to my feeder,” she joked.

Julie recognizes the impact her work has on the life of someone diagnosed with cancer, and that is part of what drives her to succeed, as well as teach others, in her role.

“My hope is that I am making an important contribution by doing the best job I can,” Julie explained. “As I near retirement, my goal is to pass on the torch and help the new generation do the best they can.”

Each installment of Quality Captain Spotlight features a quality control team member and recognizes their important work of ensuring better data saves lives. To learn more, follow #QualityCaptain on social media. What’s your favorite part about working in the cancer registry?

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