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The Case for Insight2oncology® (i2o®) as a Strategic Decision-Making Tool
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Every software needs a proving ground to showcase its usefulness, no matter the industry, product or end goal. At CHAMPS Oncology, our cloud-based cancer analytics platform, insight2oncology® (i2o®) has tapped into numerous markets and proven its utility as a strategic decision-making tool. Created to highlight the value of the rich data set contained in the cancer registry, i2o® has been a valuable resource to its diverse user base on many different projects, including clinical research and market analysis.

Our progress has continued despite the coronavirus pandemic. In a little over a year, we will have a new set of metrics based on collected COVID-19 data to help our facilities understand the impact of this disease on their cancer service lines.

One of the most remarkable recent applications of this program came at a critical juncture for one of our i2o® users. Struggling to understand the true impact of shared services with external facilities, this customer engaged with i2o® to explore patterns of treatment location through upstream and downstream migration volumes. i2o® contains the data on all locations where patients were treated along their cancer journey because the registry tracks patients who touch your system no matter where they receive other treatment

By exploring five years of data, cross-referencing available internal services, referrals, and disease site and treatment volumes, i2o® revealed that a less than favorable solution existed between this facility and its partner. A decision was made to end that relationship, and i2o®-tracked volumes from that point forward showed a dramatic increase (an increase of over 40% to be exact) in patient and treatment volumes across a number of modalities. This analysis, while available to any hospital using i2o®, is not immediately apparent in the registry data. Thanks to the matrix and easy-to-use, drill-through reports, insight2oncology was able to provide speedy, accurate information for a major strategic initiative, with proven results that will be monitored for years to come.

How can the cancer registry data in i2o® help you make informed decisions? Contact us today for a demo and find out!

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