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Do You Know Your Market Share for Cancer?
Market Share for Cancer

Improving your hospital’s market share for cancer requires more than adding new resources. You can look to an existing resource - your cancer registry - for help. Developing strategies around high-quality cancer registry data is the key to improving your cancer program’s market share and responding to your patient population needs.

Some of the many data points collected in the cancer registry are:

  • Patient County & ZIP Code
  • Date of Diagnosis
  • Specific Disease Site
  • Specific Treatments

How does this help you understand and improve your market share for cancer? 

By taking this data and comparing it to your state’s registry data, you can figure out the percentage of patients being treated at your facilities. 

Using insight2oncology®, CHAMPS Oncology's clients have a better understanding of their cancer program analytics. The i2o Market Share Dashboard provides easy-to-read reports that help shed light on facility convenience and local market needs, and allows a cancer program to develop patient-centered outreach activities for their communities. As patients become consumers of healthcare services, these insights are invaluable in taking the guesswork out of strategic planning. Your cancer registry data is a vital tool that will help you gather actionable information on patient needs, and ultimately, better patient care.

Interested in learning more about YOUR market share for cancer? Contact us to learn how CHAMPS Oncology can help.

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