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Meet December's Registry Rock Star: Cassie
Cassie Blog

As we close the books on 2020, CHAMPS Oncology is happy to announce its final Registry Rock Star of the year, Cassie, CTR! Cassie has worked in the cancer registry for nearly eight years, but she’s worked in healthcare for almost 19 years. While she didn’t start her career as a cancer information specialist, she’s had an interest in oncology for as long as she’s worked in healthcare. After several years working in other healthcare fields, she acted on her curiosity in oncology, earning her certified tumor registrar (CTR) certification and beginning her career in the cancer registry.

“When I decided to work in the cancer registry, I was intrigued to learn about how many different types of cancers existed,” Cassie explained. “I wanted to learn more about how cancer was treated and how I could play a valuable role in helping provide a cure one day.”

Cassie’s motivation is much in line with CHAMPS’ motto, “Better Data Saves Lives.” In fact, the idea that the data she works on and collects is saving lives is what drives her. She’s had people close to her afflicted by cancer, so knowing that her work is contributing to an end to cancer inspires her to work as hard as she possibly can.

“Cancer has affected my family, friends and the community I serve,” she said. “I personally do this because I hope that one day there will be a cure for cancer, and I know that our work plays a part in that.”

Mentorship is another driving force behind Cassie’s work ethic. Cassie’s favorite thing about her line of work is that she is provided an opportunity to be a teacher. She loves teaching new CTRs and showing them the best practices so that they can be successful in their careers.

Cassie resides in Northwest Louisiana with her husband of 19 years, their daughters, Mallorie and Abbigail, and the family’s three pets – their dog, Sadie Lou, and two cats, George and GiGi. While her pets are her favorite animals, an item on Cassie’s bucket list is to spend a day visiting an elephant sanctuary because she loves elephants, too!

In her free time, Cassie loves playing board and card games competitively with family and friends. When she isn’t flexing her poker face, she enjoys spending time baking with her children and creating new dessert recipes. A woman of many talents, she spends her Friday nights during high school football season volunteering in support of her daughter Mallorie, who is a drum major in the local high school band.

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