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COVID-19 and Cancer: Recommendations for Patients
covid episode

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all facets of cancer care, including screening exam reductions and delaying diagnoses and treatment. In November, CHAMPS Oncology hosted "COVID-19's Impact on Cancer Data," a live panel discussion moderated by CHAMPS Oncology's Director of Client Operations Vontyna Smith. The event featured Dr. Serban Negoita, chief of the Data Quality, Analysis and Interpretation Branch at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Oguzhan Alagoz, Breast CISNET modeler for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Karen Schmidt, CTR, vice president of CHAMPS Oncology. Each one of these individuals is a cancer expert who has seen firsthand the impact the pandemic has had on cancer data and statistics.

In this excerpt from the discussion, these experts discuss the best steps and practices for receiving cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing that it is critical not to fall behind on screenings and routine appointments. You can watch the clip here.

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