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Key Takeaways from CoC Educational Summit Part 4: CoC Standard Updates

This week I will discuss the fourth and final part of my series regarding the key takeaways CHAMPS Oncology learned during the CoC Educational Summit: 2020 A Glimpse Into the Future. Feel free to refer back to part one, part two and part three of this series where I shared my notes on several CoC Standard updates.

CHAMPS Oncology is prepared to help cancer programs navigate these CoC Standard updates and hosted our first Annual Meeting: 2020 Cancer Program Insights, on January 29, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. If you weren’t able to attend, the online educational session is available for purchase here. In addition to the educational session, you’ll also receive 4 CEs from the National Cancer Registrars Association along with several compliance tools.

In the meantime, I shared more of my notes below which highlight key announcements that came from the CoC Educational Summit:

  • Standard 4.2
    • A significant amount of time and questions came from the changes to oncology nursing credentials. This will be a “phase-in” standard where oncology nurses are expected to hold a cancer-specific certification, or complete 36 hours in cancer-related continuing nursing education each accreditation cycle.
  • Standard 4.8
    • Major changes were made to the survivorship program requirement. Programs are not required to track and keep calculations for providing a survivorship care plan. However, this will also be a “phase-in” standard to monitor and evaluate the program. This will be defined in more detail in the future.
  • Operative Standards 5.3-5.8
    • These will also be phase-in standards and documentation will be manual reviews for operative reports and/or pathology reports by the site visit reviewer. They will be looking at approximately five cases for each standard. Many facilities will have to create their own operative synoptic reports. For surveys in 2020, they will be looking to see that an attempt was made to fulfill this standard for the future. PDFs of the Operative Standards for Cancer Surgery will also be available through the CoC website.
  • Annual Review of Services
    • Standards that require an annual review of services should provide data on the number of patients referred for services pertinent to each applicable standard.
  • Big PQR News
    • The biggest news of the day came when CoC Accreditation Committee Chair Dr. James Harris stated that if you are being surveyed in 2021, then you will only complete a PQR for 2020. A template will be provided soon. There will not be documented efforts for 2018-2019.

Interested in learning how CHAMPS Oncology can help your cancer program navigate recent CoC Standard updates? Contact us.

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