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CoC Source Provides Important Reminders
CoC Source

Last month, when I received the August edition of the CoC Source, I came across some very important information to share with my colleagues here at CHAMPS Oncology.

After passing the news along via email, I also realized I had found inspiration for my very first Oncology Outlook blog post for other CTRs out there. I hope you found it as useful as we did. 

Two items, in particular, caught my eye in this edition of the CoC Source: 

First – The Program Activity Record’s (PAR) Annual Update deadline is September 30. Remember, this deadline is less than a month away and programs need to ensure their staff contacts, eligibility requirements and Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP) activity report are all complete and current.

Second – This CoC source provided a very good overview of the requirements for Standards 4.1 and 4.2. This article can be given to your Community Outreach Coordinator to help them understand their role and the documentation required to meet these standards. I encourage you to take particular notice of the sixth bullet point describing the requirement of evidence-based national guidelines and interventions to be documented in committee minutes. 

Do you take time each month to read the CoC Source? If not, I encourage you to do so and to share it with your cancer program leadership. 

Learn more about CHAMPS’ expertise in Commission on Cancer standards.

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