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CHAMPS: The Right Choice for Cancer Registry Management
Cancer Registry Management

By Gina Clay, Integrated Director of Cancer Services, Central Region
Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT

Last year, the Oncology Clinical Program at Intermountain Healthcare chose CHAMPS Oncology as its new strategic partner for cancer registry management. We were looking for an outsourcing partner that would accomplish these five critical goals…

1. Ensure the successful operation of Intermountain Healthcare’s cancer registry.

2. Guarantee quality data.

3. Provide educational interventions.

4. Set and maintain the framework for accreditation.

5. Produce advanced cancer analytics for our cancer care leadership team.

Before we made things official with CHAMPS, we vetted a few other cancer registry management companies. But after a thorough search for the perfect outsourcing partner, we felt confident CHAMPS Oncology’s cancer registry experts would take care of us.


The decision to go with CHAMPS was universal – they understood the comprehensive needs of each region in our system and designed a customized cancer registry management solution just for us. We felt extremely confident in their approach to standardizing our system, from the data collection process, to monitoring the data quality and analyzing the collected data. And on top of that, we loved how closely their team aligned with Intermountain Healthcare’s culture.

Satisfaction Within Nine Months

There is no question – CHAMPS was the right choice as an outsourcing partner for our cancer registry management. We are amazed at what they’ve been able to accomplish in the first nine months to get us caught up while tremendously improving the quality of our data. CHAMPS understood our cancer program and was able to validate and address all of my concerns as a manager. I now feel confident when pulling reports for meetings with my administrators because CHAMPS is ensuring the data our registrars collect is accurate and complete.

The Greater Value

Not only do we have confidence in our data now, our registrars are happy and receive regular training and education in order to improve their skills and processes. Of course our cancer registrars were hesitant when we were looking to outsource our cancer registry. But CHAMPS Oncology was there every step of the way, treating our staff - our top priority - with the greatest respect. Since the transition, the staff is extremely happy and has seen the value of CHAMPS’ cancer registry solutions firsthand.

Additionally, insight2oncology® adds tremendous value to our strategic partnership with CHAMPS. It allows me to look at items such as migration and how adding a new physician or medical oncologist changes the look of my cancer program. I’m excited to be able to show this information to my administrators and indicate where our cancer program stands across our system.

If the first nine months are an indication of what’s to come with CHAMPS as our cancer registry management partner, we have long and successful future together. We are looking forward to what lies ahead!

Interested in CHAMPS Oncology's cancer registry services? Contact us to discuss forming a new partnership.

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