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Building a Resilient Oncology Team
Oncology Team
The ACCC 35th National Oncology Conference, held Oct. 17 to 19, focused on two main themes which are important to us at CHAMPS: 

1.) Building a resilient oncology team 
2.) Advancing new innovations


Those working in the healthcare industry are feeling burned out. In order to overcome burnout, a successful organization has to focus on building a resilient oncology team, from physicians, to nurses and program leaders. Handling stress, learning how to deal with difficult people, finding ways to reduce endless paperwork and non-essential tasks, and “letting go,” is at the center of a new strategic approach to a successful oncology team.

The keynote speaker’s message, and in fact the nature of the conference itself, was one of finding peace and being centered in the workplace. The particular location of the hotel, on the outskirts of Phoenix, set the initial tone, and from the morning meditation on day one, the mood of the conference was one of collaboration and calmness under pressure.

Speakers stressed the importance of the following topics when it comes to strengthening your team:

  • Skilled communication
  • True collaboration
  • Effective decision making
  • Appropriate staffing
  • Meaningful recognition
  • Authentic leadership


At CHAMPS, we are constantly innovating and, in turn, helping our clients understand what we see in the future of the cancer registry industry. Dale Dauten speaks about encouraging employees to share ideas, work together and embrace experimentation. “People hate to change, but love to experiment,” says Dauten. 

One of the ways CHAMPS innovates and experiments is through our proprietary analytics platform, insight2oncology®. insight2oncology was built to highlight cancer registry data, but has subsequently opened the door to possibility for usage of this rich data set.

The changes that have come from the Commission on Cancer, coupled with the shifting ground of medical breakthroughs reveal an environment rife with creative and new solutions. It is our mission and responsibility at CHAMPS to be on the forefront of these changes, always thinking ahead of where our clients need to be, and finding ways to solve problems with new ideas that work.

As we continue to shine light on registry data and the role our oncology team fills at hospitals around the country, we are excited to be at the forefront of innovative changes that can positively affect the integrated needs of the hospitals we serve.

Learn how insight2oncology can transform your cancer data into actionable information.

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