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Lessons I Learned as a Boomerang Employee
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The term “boomerang employee” has been on the rise in recent years. In short, a boomerang employee is someone who leaves a company they work for and then later returns to work for the company once again. I’m proud to admit that I am part of that growing number of boomerang employees. To me, boomeranging just means I’ve taken the scenic route in my career – I started at CHAMPS Oncology at the beginning of my remote career, left for a new position elsewhere and later concluded that CHAMPS is where my heart belongs, my one true home. Finding the workplace you truly feel you belong in can be difficult, and I hope that by showing you my journey I can help save you time and stress!

When I started looking at remote work, I couldn’t fathom not being in the middle of the action. My previous office was in the middle of a cancer center – I had access to doctors, nurses, charts and even patients if I decided I needed to engage them. I couldn’t help but ask myself questions like, “How would remote abstracting even work?” and “How would I get the supplies and the most up-to-date information?” I soon learned that one of the places I was looking to apply to, CHAMPS Oncology, not only makes those things possible but allows me to be even more successful than I ever could have imagined – a crucial point I would grow to appreciate even more when it came time to boomerang back!

There are many things that stood out to me about CHAMPS Oncology then and now, like how the team appreciates hard work and values the expertise and knowledge of CTRs. Additionally, CHAMPS Oncology understands the ever-changing landscape of the cancer registry world and the constant need for education, and the team backs that up by providing employees with an excellent in-house IT staff that is always ready and willing to help you through anything – an absolute must for any remote CTR.

Among the things I considered and came to value about CHAMPS Oncology when I was deciding whether or not to boomerang back are:

  • Teamwork
    • Processes and resources for account success
    • Support from teammates – coworkers are just a phone or Skype call away
    • Long-term accounts and no downtime between assignments
    • Flexibility in your work schedule
    • Management support and clear scope of work
  • Benefits
    • Competitive pay scale, based on experience. You get paid for what you know!
    • Realistic insurance costs and plan choices
    • Generous paid time off and holidays
    • Work environment creates for a great work-life balance
  • Quality Control
    • Quality checks to help educate our staff and increase the quality of data
    • Continuing education for new CTRs and a willingness to help maintain CEs for all
    • Mentorship from many experienced CTRs to mentor new people. Management mentors you personally if you choose to further your career
    • Management is always available to help answer questions or concerns
  • Information Technology Support
    • Equipment provided, including a laptop, monitor and personal phone
    • Security and compliance protection, including security education as well as safeguards to ensure protected health information is secure while working from home
    • IT staff that knows and understands how to make remote working successful across a medium-sized organization

Most of these points I assumed were normal things that all employers offer. After applying, interviewing and even entertaining other offers, I came to find I was wrong about that!  In my experience, the differences among companies and remote hospital settings go beyond just the salary and insurance coverage, contrary to what I previously thought. In the end, whether you’re boomeranging back to a previous position or making the jump into uncharted territory, make sure you know what’s important to you – know where you’re willing to settle and what is an absolute must for you to succeed. After all, I wouldn’t have found myself back at CHAMPS Oncology if I didn’t consider what’s important!

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