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ACCC Meeting Proves There is Strength in Numbers
ACCC blog post

When striving for high-quality, patient-centered care in a transforming healthcare environment, it is beneficial to be immersed with others who share the same common goals. There is value in relating to the struggles of other cancer programs and sharing best practices for addressing cancer care initiatives. The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) Annual National Meeting earlier this month provided an arena for such discussion between the multidisciplinary oncology community. Many of the discussion topics at the ACCC meeting were focused on:

  • Implementation of the Continuum of Care phase-in standards from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) program standards manual (e.g. Psychosocial Distress Screening, Patient Navigation and Survivorship).
  • Alternative payment models and the shift in reimbursement from volume-based to value-based models.
  • Strength in numbers and the need for collaboration among all of the resources available at your facility to put patients at the center of your multidisciplinary team. 

On several occasions at the ACCC meeting, the utilization of non-physicians as part of a cancer care team was mentioned as a key practice for addressing the issues cancer programs frequently face. It was noted that the future of oncology care will experience a workforce shortage, leaving approximately 145 newly diagnosed cancer patients for every one medical oncologist. 

This left me wondering, are you utilizing non-physician employees as part of your cancer care team to address this trend? Please use the space below to share your thoughts.

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