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5-Point Checklist for a Smooth Accreditation Survey
Accreditation Survey

If you are part of a Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer program, you are probably more than familiar with the accreditation survey process which is, according to the American College of Surgeons, “a comprehensive evaluation of the entire scope, organization, and activity of a cancer program…performed every three years by a CoC surveyor who is trained to evaluate compliance with the CoC eligibility requirements and standards that are required for accreditation.”

Essential to this process is the Survey Application Record (SAR), “an online reporting tool that is available and utilized during the year of the accreditation survey to demonstrate and document compliance of CoC Eligibility Requirements and Standards.”

As you may know or can imagine, the whole accreditation survey process is enough to keep you up at night. That’s where we come in…

As part of the cancer registry services CHAMPS Oncology offers its clients, we review SARs and provide support during the accreditation survey process. Over the year’s we’ve developed a list of five ways to relieve some of the stress associated with these surveys and get the whole process running smoother:

Use a tracking tool to ensure your program’s cancer committee meeting minutes support compliance with the standards.
Make sure information entered in the SAR matches information contained in cancer committee meeting minutes and all dates entered in the SAR are verified against the minutes.
Meticulously name all attachments in the SAR and make sure they include: The CoC Standard Number to which the attachment pertains, a brief naming convention that describes the attachment and the date and year to which the attachment pertains.
Utilize the “Comments” section to describe any additional information that may further assist the surveyor.
Maintain an electronic copy of the SAR.

I hope these tips help you rest easier at night knowing you are doing everything you can to ensure a smooth accreditation survey. Looking for further guidance and recommendations? Contact us to discuss partnering with CHAMPS.

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