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Is Your Cancer Registry Data i2o®-Ready?

Not sure if you're cancer program and your registry data is ready for insight2oncology® (i2o)? Let CHAMPS assess your cancer data readiness.

Why Request an i2o Readiness Assessment?

  • Addresses your questions before you become a client.
  • Identifies your registry data quality issues.
  • Determines the cause of any issues.

Ensuring your cancer registry data meets these quality-level standards will allow you to leverage the analytics from i2o for strategic planning, operational and financial decisions. The registry data extracted will allow you to use i2o cancer analytics to reveal answers to questions such as:

  • What are my fastest growing sites?
  • Where are my patients going for treatment when they leave?
  • What are my radiation, chemotherapy and surgery trends?
  • Where are late-stage cancer patients coming from by type of cancer?
  • What types of treatments occurred before and after surgery?

Contact us to schedule an insight2oncology demo and to learn how i2o can transform your cancer registry data into actionable information.