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Discover the Power of Cancer Data Analytics

insight2oncology® turns your cancer data into cancer data analytics. Here's how...

insight2oncology® (i2o) starts with data from the cancer registry...

Cancer registry data is a unique data source that contains over 300 cancer data elements for each patient. It captures treatment information at a facility or healthcare system as well as from competitors.

This complex data set is required to be collected by a Certified Tumor Registrar. In order to create a standardized data set, these industry experts must remain abreast of the complex documentation changes and ever-changing treatment guidelines. The cancer registry is governed so strictly by Commission on Cancer standards, any accredited facility can be compared to another. 

But i2o uses the registry to present cancer data analytics in a completely new and different way...

  • The cancer registry tells the patient’s story while insight2oncology tells the facility’s. 
  • i2o programmatically translates the registry data into actionable cancer data analytics, layering strategic, business and registry expertise to identify operational, financial, and other administrative activities. 
  • i2o targets important topics in the healthcare industry and interprets how changes affect a health system while creating connections across departments and service lines. 

Isn't this information in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

  • EMR cancer data only captures a portion of the patient’s story within a system and due to the format, i.e. text fields and attachments, it is difficult to access and aggregate. 
  • The cancer registry is the only source for cancer analytics about what happens to these patients outside of a system. 
  • i2o creates a one-stop-shop to monitor trends, demonstrate successes and identify areas for improvement. This actionable information can address questions about many areas of a health system as well as a cancer service line.
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