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Blog: CHAMPS Oncology Outlook

Thank you for visiting CHAMPS Oncology Outlook, where our cancer registry experts share their outlooks on the cancer industry, program standards, cancer registry operations, cancer registry careers and more. If you don't see what you're looking for, we encourage you to leave a comment to let us know what you're interested in and we'll get the conversation started.

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It's Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month - Don’t Forget to Check Your Neck!

Posted By Lori Adams | 9/26/2018

As CHAMPS Oncology’s resident “pinner,” I’ve been reading up on thyroid cancer this month to beef up our Thyroid Cancer Pinterest Board in honor of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.

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August Oncology News from CHAMPS

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 8/23/2018

If you haven't visited our news room recently, you've been missing out on a few exciting pieces of August Oncology news here at CHAMPS!

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The Promise of Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment

Posted By Lori Adams | 6/28/2018

As CHAMPS Oncology’s primary Pinterest “pinner,” I’ve been reading (and pinning) a lot of articles recently which have captured accounts of cancer patients fighting their disease with an innovative treatment that harnesses the body’s own immune system.

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How Will You Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day?

Posted By Toni Hare | 5/23/2018

Sunday, June 3 is National Cancer Survivors Day – an important day for us here at CHAMPS Oncology because the work we do is all part of a bigger goal to ensure there are more cancer survivors to celebrate with each year.

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See You at the 2018 NCRA Conference!

Posted By Toni Hare | 4/11/2018

Our team is packing up for the 2018 NCRA Conference. Will we see you there?

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Social Media Content in the Cancer Registry Industry

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 3/29/2018

As the marketing coordinator here at CHAMPS Oncology, I am tasked with creating social media content that applies to those in the cancer registry industry.

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Pinterest for the Cancer Registry Student

Posted By Lori Adams | 8/18/2017

If you’re a cancer registry student in school today, I envy the resource you have at your fingertips in Pinterest.

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Keeping Up with Cancer in the News

Posted By Lori Adams | 3/10/2017

Unless you have access to medical journals or happen to catch a news story on TV or social media, it can be hard to keep up with cancer in the news.

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3 Things to Watch for at the ACE Conference

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 1/12/2017

All of us at CHAMPS Oncology are gearing up for the ACE conference running January 18-20 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol.

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Join Us on Your Favorite Social Network!

Posted By Toni Hare | 12/8/2016

No matter what your favorite social network is, there is a good chance you can find CHAMPS Oncology there.

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