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How Will You Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day?

Posted By Toni Hare | 5/23/2018

Sunday, June 3 is National Cancer Survivors Day – an important day for us here at CHAMPS Oncology because the work we do is all part of a bigger goal to ensure there are more cancer survivors to celebrate with each year.

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Meet May’s Registry Rock Star: Barbara Stewart, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 5/17/2018

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Barbara Stewart, CTR, cancer information specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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Workspace Tips for the Remote CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 5/10/2018

Some say sitting is the new smoking, and whether you work as an on-site CTR at a hospital or as a remote CTR at home, the majority of your work is probably done sitting at a desk for at least eight hours a day.

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Tips from a Cancer Program Consultant – Documenting Cancer Committee Activity

Posted By Ilona Gyerman | 5/3/2018

Today I’d like to focus on how to ensure proper documentation of cancer committee activities.

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Meet April’s Registry Rock Star: Kristi Ann Dietz, CTR

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 4/25/2018

This month’s Registry Rock Star is Kristi Dietz, CTR, cancer information specialist for CHAMPS Oncology.

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Meet Yolandi Myers – The Newest Member of the CHAMPS Oncology Leadership Team

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 4/19/2018

Over the course of my recent meetings with Oncology leadership I’ve made three main observations...

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See You at the 2018 NCRA Conference!

Posted By Toni Hare | 4/11/2018

Our team is packing up for the 2018 NCRA Conference. Will we see you there?

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Happy NCRW from all of us at CHAMPS!

Posted By Toni Hare | 4/9/2018

CHAMPS wishes all cancer registrars a happy NCRW in their new video.

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Proclamations Recognize New Mexico Cancer Registrars

Posted By Tara Lucero | 4/4/2018

Every year a proclamation is signed by the governor of my state to recognize New Mexico cancer registrars. While this is an honor, Southern New Mexico cancer registrars can actually be few and far between.

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Social Media Content in the Cancer Registry Industry

Posted By CHAMPS Oncology | 3/29/2018

As the marketing coordinator here at CHAMPS Oncology, I am tasked with creating social media content that applies to those in the cancer registry industry.

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