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What Can i2o® Cancer Analytics Answer for You?

Access a full picture of your cancer analytics with CHAMPS insight2oncology® (i2o®). The unique analysis provided by i2o allows you to assess the quality and validity of cancer registry data, gain understanding of market position to identify areas for growth opportunities, and reveal which facilities' patients account for the greatest volume of patient acquisition, leakage and more. i2o offers you more than 100 custom cancer data reports, including patient-origin mapping in five key areas.

i2o's Cancer Analytics Can Reveal Insightful Data About Your Cancer Service Line

insight2oncology: Migration Cancer Data Migration Cancer Analytics
- Where are your patients going for treatment when they leave? 
- What disease sites are leaving your facility? 
- How many patients came for treatment that were diagnosed elsewhere?

insight2oncology: Utilization Cancer Data Utilization Cancer Analytics 
- How many / what type of cancer services were provided last year? 
- What are your radiation, chemotherapy and surgery trends? 
- What are your top treatment combinations by disease site?

insight2oncology: Top Disease Site Cancer Data Disease Site Cancer Analytics
- What is your disease site mix? 
- What are your top 10 sites in volume? 
- What are your fastest growing sites?

insight2oncology: Community Profile Cancer Data Community Cancer Analytics
- How many patients were newly diagnosed? 
- Where are late-stage cancer patients coming from by type of cancer? 
- What's the patient mix of your service line, how has it changed over time?

Dashboard Cancer Analytics Dashboard Cancer Analytics
- How many patients were diagnosed and had no treatment at your facility?
- What types of treatments occurred before and after surgery?
- What types of radiation were given at your facility?

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