Cancer Information Specialists share their outlooks on the cancer industry, registry operations and more on our blog, CHAMPS Oncology Outlook.

Searching for CTR jobs? Why CHAMPS Oncology?

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CHAMPS Oncology offers more than just CTR jobs. Browse our open positions and apply today!

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Searching for CTR jobs? Why CHAMPS Oncology?

CHAMPS Oncology offers more than just CTR jobs. By becoming a part of CHAMPS Oncology, you are joining a team of cancer information specialists who improve patient care by delivering and transforming high-quality cancer data into actionable information for cancer programs and healthcare providers across the country.

For more than 40 years, CHAMPS has worked to raise the bar for the cancer registry profession. Our team of experienced CTRs and highly skilled cancer information specialists are continuously trained and educated on the latest compliance standards, best practices and data analytic tools, including CHAMPS Oncology’s cloud-based system, insight2oncology®.  

How can I find out more about CHAMPS Oncology’s CTR jobs?

What can I expect from a career with CHAMPS Oncology?

  • Receiving an immediate full-time position with no downtime during contracts.
  • Working together to develop a flexible work schedule.
  • Ongoing on-the-job training and mentorship opportunities.
  • Attending retreats, conferences and corporate initiatives.
  • Being a part of a support network that works together as a team.

How does CHAMPS Oncology remain at the top of its industry?

  • Promoting continued education and submitting CEUs for team members.
  • Matching teams to clients based on skills and needs.
  • Gathering quality cancer registry data for clients.
  • Ensuring clients make decisions that are in the cancer patient’s best interest.
  • Sharing expertise through their blog Oncology Outlook and Pinterest boards. 

What is CHAMPS looking for in a team member?

  • Upholds high standards of data quality and accuracy
  • Builds and maintains long-term client relationships
  • Solves problems proactively
  • Completes detail-oriented and precise work
  • Manages specialized work with confidence
  • Possesses ambition and passion

Do you have the passion and drive to be a CHAMPS Oncology professional? Browse our CTR jobs and apply today.