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CHAMPS Oncology has recently partnered with Novatus to begin implementing its contract lifecycle management software with the goal of streamlining business with clients.

5 Benefits of CHAMPS' New CLM System

Thu, Feb 25, 2016  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted by Gale Zimmer

If you follow CHAMPS' news, you know that CHAMPS Oncology partnered with Novatus earlier this month to implement a contract lifecycle management system (CLM system). 

We're a few weeks in to the implementation now, and we couldn't be more pleased with the way our new CLM system allows us to proactively manage our client contracting process. 

The benefits of our Novatus CLM system could really fill a few blog posts, but the five benefits below have made the most significant impact on our clients so far:

  1. Faster contract execution and, in turn, increased savings
  2. Automated and accelerated contract lifecycle
  3. Maximized contract visibility within our organization
  4. Compliance with increasingly stringent regulations
  5. Direct contact with clients when creating, negotiating, executing and managing the ongoing administration of contracts

Overall, the implementation of this CLM system has led to greater efficiencies, lower administrative costs and improved relationships resulting in higher value agreements with our clients. Most importantly, it allows CHAMPS to focus our time exceeding the expectations of our clients.

What tools do you rely on to increase client satisfaction?

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